Mater Dolorosa Church

609 Third Street

Independence, LA 70443


Mailing address:

​PO Box 349

​Independence LA 70443

Mass Schedule

4 PM  Saturday Vigil

11:00 AM| Sunday

Monday, Wed.  and Friday 8:00 AM

8:00AM the First Friday of every month

8:00AM the First Saturday of every month

Anointing of the sick following 1st Saturday Mass



Mater Dolorosa

3:00-3:45PM Saturday

the 3rd Wednesday of the Month from

9:00AM to 4:00PM (this is subject to change)

7:00AM every First Saturday before 8:00AM Mass and by appointment.

St. Dominic

 An hour before all Masses


Deacon Roger Navarra

Deacon Natale Garofalo

Deacon Frank Minor

Deacon Stephen P. Ourso

St. Dominic Church

55720 Highway 445

​Husser, LA 70442


Mailing address:

PO Box 349

​Independence LA 70443

Mass Schedule

8:15 AM Sunday

6:00 PM Tuesday